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Do Sky have any plans to update the EPG?


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Does anyone know if Sky have any plans to update the EPG so that for HD subscribers it is HD? Because at the moment, the Sky EPG looks blurry and could be so much more nicer on the eye for if they changed it to a HD resolution, what does everyone else think?



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Fantastic idea.

An option to set the EPG resolution should be separate from the output format as readability will depend a little more on screen size.

I'd also like to see a finer degree of control on the audio delay (i.e. 10ms or 5ms increments at the lower end of the scale) and preferably have that within the little menu that comes up when you hit the info button.


Also wouldn't mind seeing them "grey out" the channels in the TV guide that you don't subscribe to. Surely it can't be that difficult to do??? Hate clicking on a channel only to see the "upgrade your sub" screen.

Definately think the res of all the on screen displays should be an option.

Also an option to turn off the PIN code request on channels that broadcast before the watershed should be there. No kids in my house so why the hell do I have to keep entering a code when example: a cert 18 film is on at say 7pm!!!


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I'd be happy if they could just make the channel owners provide decent information (and consistent series links) for the EPG listings. There is little reason not to provide the series and episode numbers. If this series information was implemented via fields rather than part of the big text blob then the EPG software could be programmed to automatically look out for a new series of something or automatically record missed episodes.

A proper PC interface to the EPG wouldn't go a miss either, although I doubt many people would use it.

Other things on my wish list:
Custom grouping of channels
14 day EPG
Multiple favourites lists

I'm surprised that Sky didn't take the opportunity to update the look and feel of the EPG with the new HD boxes but I guess they had enough problems getting HD out of the door on time as it was.

Tony Hoyle

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Sky themselves keep 30 days of EPG data (digiguide has Sky listings up to 2nd september, and Tivo does the same). A 30 day EPG is essential when you're trying to catch new series that may not be on until the end of the month.

7 days in pants.. I have digiguide having to remind me to set the record on the sky+ because there's no way of doing it in advance.. god help me if I actually decide to go on 2 weeks holiday..

The channel owners (including sky) do provide extra information - again both Digiguide and Tivo have it - it's just Sky's 1980's ye olde EPG doesn't have any way of handling it.


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Yeah, I think we all agree the EPG is now dated, it has barely changed since the introduction of Sky Digital and could do with being refined.


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I would like to see a customisable EPG as well as an HD EPG. For example you could change the colour and font of the EPG. After so many years with that blue it could do with a change.

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