Do Sky boxes have component outputs?



Looking to order sky soon (not Sky+) and intend to connect it to the component sockets of my projector. Do the sandard sky boxes have component outputs or will I need to use an alterative connection i.e S-video.


Most don't have S-Video. If you want it, look for a Grundig Digibox with the 8-pin socket at the rear. From memory, all the early GDS models ending with "/S" have S-Video and (I think) the GDS2000 and 3000 have.


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And to throw another fly in the ointment, sky via svid is pretty cruddy on a pj.
Like ancientgreek said...use a JS RGB to component converter...Another advantage of Sky+ is of-course the optical digital out so you can use the DAC's in your amp for the sound (I assume you have a AV AMP as you have a projector...) much nicer quality than the built-in ones...


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Both my Sky digiboxes have JS-Tech RGB(scart)2YUV convertors, they are the dogs nads.

PQ=excellent. Don't do s-video!



I have just got sky plus and svideo to my pana ae100 (i had a scart to svid box before) and the pic is a lot better!

It has removed some banding.

Dave, Oldham.

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