Do Scart boxes defeat the point of buying expensive Scart Cables?


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Jan 23, 2004
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I have a Hitachi RGB Scart Block which I bought from Argos (£14.99), is it still worth me buying a Thor Scart cable for my DVD player or would the Scart Block, degrade the signal from the scart to the point where no improvement would be seen over a cheaper scart cable?
Largely depends on the quality (or lack thereof) of the scart switcher. Given the low cost (£14.99), I'd say you'll definitely get better results with a direct connection.

Try it. You may well not notice any degradation.

the theory is that the quality of the cables would keep the signal better than a standard scart too and from the box, but the box would allow the signal to degrade. If the scart is wired to the box then the difference may go down again but the scart from the source is still going to keep the signal better to the box.
If you can direct wire, at least the dvd player!

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