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Do scalers make much difference to sky + pictures ?

Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by dmagor, Oct 12, 2004.

  1. dmagor


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    Basically I have a pioneer 434 hde and watch all tv through my sky+ box (via a rgb scart into a CYP (maplin) convertor into component input to the tv box (input 3).

    When watching football and snooker, the picture is not that great (basically fuzzy outlines to the objects on a green background) although slightly better now I have changed some basic settings on the tv (like mpeg off).

    I've read a lot about scalers/video processors and I am wondering would I actually see any difference in the general picture quality of sky+ ?

    I also have a sony dvd (dvp-s336) linked to the tv box via a scart into input 1 (video option). would this picture be improved at all ?

    I know these processor boxes cost anywhere from 800 quid and I dont really want to buy one unless I know there is a big improvement in picture quality....

    Then there is the choice of which one to get ? I saw a rave review on a cinemateq picture pro pluss II (big name !!) which seem to suggest that even on sky the picture might improve....

    Also, does the sound go through this processor also, and if not, is there an easy way to stop lip sync issues... i have a fairly old sony STR DE445 and I dont think that has sound delay (or what ever its called).

    As you can tell from the above, I am new to all this and dont know all the terms yet !!!

    and finally.... nothing to do with anything above, is there a way of turning on my tv tuning into input 3, rather than pressing a tv station (e.g. button 1) to turn it on and then the input 3 button ?? its so annoying !!!!

    Many thanks,

    Sorry if I am asking the same question as others but I have tried to look through as much of the forums as possible first...
  2. Joe Fernand

    Joe Fernand
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    Jan 20, 2002
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    The Borders
    Hello dmagor

    Just spotted your post - the Forum Police should have answered before now :)

    You'll see a pretty dramatic improvement in overall picture quality if you introduce a decent quality Video Processor between your source devices and the HDMI Input on your 434HDE PlasmaTV.

    The design of the HDE means your slightly limited in what you can Input to the HDMI socket - though setting a Video Processor to convert your Interlaced PAL and NTSC sources to 720P will pay dividends.

    You can either go for a Video Processor with integrated Digital Audio Delay (iSCanHD for example) or choose your preferred Video Processor purely on its video processing prowess and add an external Digital Audio delay (Vision DVI + Felston DD340 for example).

    Drop me a PM if you more info on any of these products and how best to integrate them with your set up.

    Best regards


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