Do Samsung TV's have on board boost?


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We had picture problems with our Samsung LCD (B6000 LED 32") after DSO. After going round the houses a bit with my TV Ariel mate, we simply found out that The Samsung doesn't like being amplified, where as the other 3 tv's in the house definitely need our loft amplifier. An attenuator for some reason didn't solve the problem but a 2-way splitter did. Great.

This set up has served me faultlessly for coming up to 3 months but lately, while the samsung continues to perform flawlessly all other amplified tv's seem to be periodically suffering poor signal (though as I type this the same tv's are returning unbroken pictures and just about full signal!)

I did a bit of trial and error the other day with a borrowed 19" LCD from my parents (another Samsung) and have basically found that this set also returns perfect pictures, as long as it's not amplified, just like the bigger Samsung! Like I have already said though......the other tv's are the other way and will not even attempt to show you a picture unless you amplify! If the two Samsungs are like this, then surely more are?? can anyone shed any light? Oh and do Loft amplifiers sometimes go sporadically unreliable before they truly give up the ghost? Thanks


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No TVs have aerial boosters in them simply because they would not work. Boosters need to be near the aerial, their purpose is to overcome the loss in the aerial cable.

Sounds like you have overloading and should not need the amplifier. As for the other TVs I would be looking at cabling problems.

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