Do rear-projection TV’s suffer from a dark picture?



Hi new here…

I am thinking of buying a rear-projection TV maybe the Toshiba 42WH18B (is this a good one). But I have been told that with some of these you need the lights dimmed and are not good if your in a room with lots of light. Is this true if so which should I steer clear of, or should I not get one.

Also are they nosey as in nosey fan or something……..


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I have the 40WH08B and its fine in anything from total darkness to bright sunlight, no probs at all.

Best money I ever spent. :)


I've had a Sony 37" LCD rear proj for 4 1/2 years, I've just replaced it with a Philips 32PW9617 CRT.
I'm finding it hard getting used to watching TV where I can actually see what is going on. I'm staggered at the picture quality.
I'm sure technology has moved on since I bought mine but I had to draw the curtains to see anything, it was OK for a DVD at night but that's it.


I have the 42wh18b tosh. Its GREAT. I had a 36 panny crt before this and the pic on the RP is as good as, if not better than the crt. I have no problems in the light or the dark. Picture is fantastic.


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I had a Toshiba 40PW03 for two years and enjoyed it tremendously. If however you have a very bright room and or need a wide viewing angle I would not recommend it. Mine was to close to where we sat to watch and I found it too soft a picture from the angle I sat.


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Another 'RP myth', probably goes back to early RPs.

Like Slay, I too have the 40WH08B and I totally agree, no lighting problems or horizontal viewing angle problems whatsoever.

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