Do Pio 434 speakers/stand fit 436?


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Sep 7, 2004
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West of Scotland
My 434-HDE has developed a fault and the supplier has deemed the repair "uneconomical". I have been offered a partial refund based on my 1 years usage, or a swap for a 436 FDE or Pana 500. (the supplier does not stock the XDE).

Does anyone know if the speakers and stand that I posses will fit the 436 screen?

Also, the FDE looks like a downgrade feature wise, might take the partial refund and look for a 436 XDE online.

What is the best price for the 436 XDE?

As all of my other equipment is Pio, and I use the SR+ feature with my Pio amp, I'd be tempted to rule out the Pana 500 option.
I was told be that the reason they didnt have a 436 on display yet was that the 435 stand doesnt fit the 436. I think we could assume therefore that the 434 stand wont either.
No idea on the speakers however.
I wonder if you could take the 436fde, and as the media box is the only part thats different contact pioneer for a exchange and pay a little more for the xde box- just a thought.
Best of luck.
For the 436, looks like you order EITHER side speakers or underneath speakers. The 434 speaker design was much better, giving you the flexibility to mount the speakers you bought in either position.

Also, pictures I've seen of the 436 stand suggest it doesn't swivel.

Anyone know if the 434 speakers/stand fits the 436?
PDP-434HDE said:
Also, pictures I've seen of the 436 stand suggest it doesn't swivel.

You can but either a swivel or non-swivel stand for the 436.

The swivel one looks very nice.
I think the swivel stand from the 434/5 can be made to fit the 436, someone else has tried this already. Speakers, no.
Called Pio customer service today. Answers seem to be :

1) Swivel stand : yes
2) Silver speakers : no

Ordered a 436 XDE today.

I've been reading the manual available on the Pio website. There is a lot to take in, so much more complicated than my Pio 434 HDE.

I demoed the 506 XDE and 436 XDE at the HiFi Show in Glasgow at the weekend, and the blacks from this pair are phenomenal. No ariel meant no freeview, it was DVD and HD all the way : both superb.

The areas I'm most excited about are :

1) Black is Black
2) 3000:1 contrast ratio
3) Internal freeview decoder is digital all the way.
4) Connectivity : no longer is HDMI/component/rgb scart all on 1 input (INPUT3)
5) Remote : Will control my Pio 575 DVD, Pio 220 DVD-R and Pio STB (if reqd)
6) Optical output for DVT
7) 75Hz/100Hz
8) 72Hz option for movies ( 3 x 24Hz should mean great scaling)

I know all too well about judder on the 434, so if that is eliminated great.

Also demoed the 436 XDE and Pana 500 alongside each other in Comet in the Buchanan Gallery, not a lot in it, so will sit on the fence! (Both were displaying the Comet HD feed). As all my gear is Pio, and I use the SR+ link to my amp, there was no choice for me.

No idea of delivery as these are "like hens teeth" according to the supplier.

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