Do Lcd projectors have a limited lifespan??

Jan 11, 2004
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All the info on the net and in the mags
always quote 5000 hrs bulb life ,but never delve into long term reliability issues
(Thinking about buying the panny ae300)
And that would be fine if i watch 2 or 3 hrs a day
bulb will last for years!!
But how many people have had their lcd pj for years?
Are you fearful after a year or so, then trade it in
Compared to a crt tv
Would you say a pj was a long term purchase,
or do they have a limited lifespan .(bulb aside of course)
Always been that niggle about them

any thoughts ?
I have just bought a ae500. From what I can see most people tend to trade up after a year or so. I have to be honest I dont look at these things as particularly durable. Not in the sense of a CRT TV certainly. Some people on here seem to have got a couple of thousand hours out of these things on one bulb (low mode) which is great.

If I get that I will be well happy but I will be surprised as well.
Got 3600hrs in 11 months on my old AE100 in eco mode before I sent it back back because of image staining (heat soak) and it was my fault (9 hours a day), but hey, I wasn't going to say no when the offerred me a 90% refund! :Grin:

I have 2950hrs in 10 months on my AE300 which I purchased with the refund. I do however run it eco mode but high fan unlike my old ae100. I can do this cause the fan in high on the ae300 is at least as quiet as the old ae100 was in low fan mode. Nearly the same number of hours on it now and no sign of the image staining on this PJ. Fingers crossed! :D
I'm not looking at it as a long term buy. I tend to go through PCs at a rate of 1 every 2-3 years. I'm guessing this could be about the same.
calibos. Thats very impressive. I wish I had that much spare time. It also shows how durable these Panny units are even with such heavy use (Which whatever anyone says I dont reckon they are designed for :lesson: )

I am running my ae500 in low lamp mode with fan on high....I can hear the fan even with the unit 40 cm from my head.


calibos I have decided Panasonic should use you for soak testing for their new projector ranges. If you cant wear them out in 12 months who can ? I reckon we get a petition over to Panasonic....
I have a Toshiba MT100 for about 3 years no problems at all
fairly regular usage
Thanks for that
seems you can put the hours on in a short time(1to 2 yrs)
no prob
3 yrs !
what i wanted to hear somebody using it over a longer period
Got 3600hrs in 11 months on my old AE100

:eek: :eek: Calibos wow that is some viewing, man i am off at the moment through redundancy, start a new job Tuesday, and struggle to rack up nine hours a day. I thought 300 hours on my Z2 in four months was a lot.

From the article............

Though sponsored by TI, the test itself was conducted at the Munsell Color Science Laboratory (MCSL) (, Rochester Institute of Technology. The technical measurements were taken by MCSL personnel. The selection of the models to be included in the test was done by TI. The interpretation of the results and the publishing of the conclusions was done by TI.

Given that the test was paid for, models selected, and results interpretted by TI, you couldn't expect the outcome to be any different, could you ??? Particularly when the test conditions were as follows....................

Two DLP projectors and five LCD projectors were run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for five months, with breaks only to change lamps as needed

.................. hardly typical use pattern........ I'm assuming you're quoting the article as an example of poorly disguised marketing based on unrealistic test conditions. If DLP projectors are capable of withstanding 24/7 operation, then that's brilliant for 24/7 applications......... not home cinema.

The deterioration of blue polarisers in LCD projectors can be prevented by making sure that filters are kept clean and not running the projector in overheated or extreme conditions. I wouldn't argue with the contention that DLP projectors are likely to be more robust than the normal crop of entry-level LCD home cinema projectors. Taking the technology used and considering the price differential, I would expect that to be the case, but wouldn't be impressed by the bogus marketing represented by the article referred to.

Sean G.

3 brothers who will also share the bulb and/or PJ replacement/Repair cost.

Like my response in the other bulb thread. TBH I reckon excessive on/off cycles are more detrimental to bulb life than extended use. Panel Heat damage is another matter but I seem to have that licked by running my AE300 in low lamp high fan. Absolutely no sign of the image degradation that was very apparent on my AE100 with the same hours.
My Sony VW10 is nearly 4 years old, has about 1700 hours on the clock (typically in approx 2-hour duty cycles - watch one film - in 'cinema black' - read low power - mode) and is showing no visible signs of deterioration.

Filter is cleaned every 300 hours as recommended, and the LCDs have been blown clean on three occasions to remove lodged dust particles.


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