Do John Lewis do home repairs? (Panny just broke - what could be wrong?)


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Great Christmas day for me today - switched my Panny on this evening, flicked over to an HDMI input ready for my Xbox and hear a small "pop". Tv switched to HDMI one and I have a black bar about 3 inches wide to the left of the screen.

It seems as though one vertical 3 inch wide section of the screen has just stopped working :(

Obviously I'm stuck now and can't call JL until Wed I guess. I've tried leaving the set off for a while as I clutch as straws hoping that it might reset itself (fat chance) but didn't help.

As it is a 50inch model (TH50PZ80B) I'm hoping they can repair it here rather than take it away (and make the wait for it to be fixed even longer) - is that what they tend to do? (if it's a known easy fix?)

As it all seems to be functioning other than this black bar I'm hoping it is something relatively minor.

I'm so gutted. I love this TV and the thought of someone opening her up, and potentially (accidentally) putting finger marks in the screen fills me with dread :(

Thanks for any info

p.s it was bought in Aug 2008 so is under their 5 year warranty so don't want to do anything drastic myself like remove the back panel to look for faults if I can avoid it. Even though I used to work in car hi-fi doing installations and repairs and so am confident with dismantling electronics, I'd rather avoid it unless it may be an easy fix.
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when ours broke they sent someone round,they even gave us the option of finding someone local and send them the bill so it can be repaired quicker.

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First time our Hitachi 42inch failed JL said they don't repair large screens in the home and a van and driver arrived to take it away. However the Hitachi was replaced with a Panasonic 42 inch and when this failed they sent an engineer to examine the fault. He just took a quick look said it would have to be taken away. I think it depends which company they are using to do the repairs.
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