Do iPod's bought in the States work OK in the UK ?


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Hi chaps

Going to New York in October and have just seen the latest iPod releases.

I will check these out (like the look of the iTouch - really fancied the iPhone but have no use of the 'phone' facility so this seems to be a good option - oh, and the missus wants a nano...), however I am not sure if an iPod would work OK in the UK ?

Are there are issues with power ?

Will this sync OK with my copy of iTunes - or will it 'recognise' that I am in the UK ?

Does the warrenty cover repairs / use in the UK ?

Any other advice (on ths issue ;) ) appreciated.



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Yes it will work, I got mine in the US, also worth getting a BOSE Idock for the price you can get one for around $280, half price really.

Don't kn ow about the warranty, never needed mine (touch wood). The Idock only needs a travel plug as it works between 110/220.

Thanks Alan

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