Do I want an Ipod?

Floor Tom

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I have been an Ipod skeptic for some time now but being in the market for a new mp£ player I seem to have come to the conclusion that the Ipod Classic is the best value for money. However I am ready to be shown something better if possible. A few questions.
Can you really watch videos on it or is the screen to small? If I could get away with it how easy is it to copy some of my DVD's to it? How about episodes from a series dvd? How long will the battery last if using it for watching videos?
What do you lot think?


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Ipod classic screen is very small for protable video players.

You should look at the 32gb touch, if you want videos/wifi/youtube/music, the lot.

ONLY get the classic, if you are on a buget/have a VERY large music collection, otherwise touch all the way.


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It depends on the resolution of video files which your Sony accepts. With that in mind, iPod presets may not work

Floor Tom

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Thanks for the tips. I'm still not sure. Not wanting to spend much more than £160 and need a decent amount of storage (30gb min really) I guess i need to go and see an ipod classic and decide for myself if I could watch vids on it. I have had this pointed out
Creative ZEN 32GB MP3 Player: Electronics & Photo
but it doesn't seem to have anything going for it that the I pod is lacking. It does however have a much smaller capacity.


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I've been thinking about this as well although my primary reason for having a portable player is very much music based. Videos would just be a bonus that I might use on occasion. I currently have an iRiver iHP140 which is now a few years old.

It seems to me there is a fundamental choice to be made between either a small and light flash based machine OR a bigger and heavier disk based machine.

Starting with the flash based ones, it seems that generally 16Gb is about as big as they go at the moment. You can get a Sony 639 for just under £100 which gets good reviews but is only 16Gb compared to my current 40Gb. Yes, I know 16Gb is still loads of albums worth – but is it enough?

The Creative Zen is also quite small and has an SD slot that would allow memory expansion but apparently the files on the card are not fully integrated into the player. They are available but, for example, would not be included if you set it on random play and files would have to be added separately to the player and the card. Now the 16Gb Zen is just under £100 (same as the Sony) but the Zen is also available in 32Gb for £150.

So, we now have a small and light player with something approaching as much storage as I have now for £150.

BUT, for £175 I could get an iPod Classic with a massive 120Gb – 3 times what I have now. I could either carry 3 times as much music around or have Media Monkey transcode my FLAC library to Apple Lossless (assuming it does that) onto the iPod.

I am struggling to find any other disk based players. Maybe the Zune or one of the Archos type media players but if I’m carrying something that big I might as well stick with the iRiver until it actually breaks.

So, to get back the the original point - given that I have a large music collection and ignoring any budget constraints I cannot see why I would buy anything other than an iPod classic. They appear to be such good value for money.


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Hello all, new here. I really don't have a good opinion about ipod, I don't see their meaning, I have a mp3 player for music, which it's enough for me. I don't need to see videos while I'm walking, isn't right? Don't blame :D


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I was always anti Apple/ Ipods (had a Creative Zen at the time) but I eventully gave in and purchased one (only an 8GB nano). In my opinion its a great piece of kit. Yes you pay for the brand and itunes takes a bit of getting used to but once used to it, its fine.


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I'm waiting for 64gb flash and then I will get one, as classic is too retro for me, regardless of size.


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If you're wanting an MP3 player and have a big music collection, you can't go wrong with the Ipod classic. Despite Itunes (which I'm not a big fan off), it does what it is designed to do and it does it well.

If you are seriously thinking about movies then I would look at PMPs. Archos are great, but will sting you for addons to play various media files and even then I don't believe they support mkv. If I was you, and movies are a consideration I would look at the cowon products such as the hard drive players A3, Q5W or flash players S9 and 02.


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I also have a classic. Have always been skeptical about them. But decided that £170 for 120gb classic was a bargain. I only use it for music and although i have only 5gb off music on it at the moment i intend to add much more on and keep it for a while. The ipod is also fast at scrolling through music and very good at what it does in my opinion.

I dont watch videos on it as i dont see the point really. Id take a laptop if i wanted to watch videos on the move for the bigger screen etc.

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