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Do I upgrade my system to an AV receiver?


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I currently have an ageing system consisting of

Technics SA-DX950 AV reciever which I am using as a surround sound amp running Jamo A102 HCS6 5.1 speaker set.

Technics SU-C909U pre amp and Technics SU-A909S power amp
Technics SL-PG4 CD player
Technics RS-TR474 tape deck
Pure DRX-701ES DAB tuner
Which run a pair or Jamo X550 floor standers for music and Jamo X530 book shelf speakers as monitors for my PC.

Lately I have been considering slimming down all of the above into a modern AV Reciever by selling all my current amps and having all my current speakers powering off the reciever.

I am not taking this decision lightly as although my system may seem old and worthless to some I am very attached to my technics stuff and it's taken me a while to get to the point where I am considering partially modernising.

My question is will the following work

If I bought a Yamaha 7.1 AV reciever could I run everything through that instead, using my Jamo X550's as the front speakers and the rest of my Jamo 5.1 satellite speakers as the rest of the 7.1 setup with my X530's as Zone 2 for my PC monitors.

I don't want to lose or replace any of the speakers I currently have and I am trying to find a way to use them all with a new system, the reason I want a modern AV reciever is I have a load of HDMI devices like games consoles, Blu Ray etc and I will be soon buying a new 4k TV so I want to bring the sound part of my system more up to date.

You may have noticed I love Jamo and Technics and I'm very set in my ways so replacing the Technics with Yamaha is hard to get my head round but Yamaha has always been my second choice in my head after Technics. I would consider other brands if they are more suitable or offer more.

I think I will have to keep my DAB tuner as it seems for some reason modern AV Reciever only have AM/FM which makes no sense perhaps somebody could shed some light on why that is, I would like to keep my tape deck of possible as I occasionally need it and I'm not sure if keeping the CD player is worth while or not maybe a Yamaha upgrade to both could be on the cards if that sounds logical.

Any advice on this matter or other ideas would be greatly appreciated as I'm pretty confused about the whole thing.

I realise all of this may come across as nonsense in makes sense in my head though, I wrote this on my iPad so please excuse me if its not great grammatically.

Thank you
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