Question Do I upgrade my Atmos speakers


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Hi all. I'm currently using Kef eggs for Atmos duties. These go along with my Kef r300/r200 and r100 for rears.

Not keen on how they look astheticly so was thinking about replacing with in ceiling speakers. In particular the Kef ci130qr. These will fit in the false ceiling border I've created for the room. Just wondering if they are better than the Kef eggs??


Also gives the option to add 2 additional rears for 4 Atmos speakers without room looking full of speakers. The speakers with covers won't be noticeable.


As well as looks will I notice an improvement in sound? The ci160qr aren'ta an option as they're a bit too big


They are really designed to be in the ceiling and correctly placed according to Dolby recommended layouts. KEF's wide dispersion is going to cause boundary issues and may not give as clean a signal as they are capable of. I think you may be better off with a small mono speaker such as the CA Minx, which come in white, at least they will give a better directional signal without boundary issues.

I'm running exactly the same base set up as you and it does sound fantastic although my Atmos is supplied by the R50s upfiring. You could use Q50a that do look quite neat on the wall certainly better than the old Eggs which was something my missus wasn't very impressed with when I tried them for Atmos.


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Thanks gibbsy. Not sure if the CA minx are a step up in performance and want to stick with Kef to maintain timbre integrity. I could always drill into ceiling for proper placement but could rely on Dirac to correct for me if I decide to stick with original location. I have a long narrow room so not sure if upward firing would reach my mlp at the back of the room. I prefer direct ceiling speakers and have had good results so far. I could hang as you suggested but not stealth enough.

I've seen a couple of setups where ceiling speakers are placed in false ceiling border and as long as you box in properly they should function as intended. I could also consider ceiling speakers with 15 degree tilt to force sound to mlp.

Nothing urgent at the moment so I'll have a think.


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Well ive gone ahead and installed 4x Kef ci130qr ceiling speakers to my setup. Using a tibo pa150 to power the additional Atmos height pair.

Well it's made a great improvement to the overall bubble affect of sound. Pushed couch slightly away from wall to ensure that Atmos rears are behind.

The Kef ci130qr are impressive and very easy to fit. Integrated nicely with Kef r300/200/100 combo range.

For those on the fence adding additional heights is much improved.

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