Do I turn the EX processing on or Off with DD or DTS soundtracks?


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I everyone,
I read quite a few treads on the forum that state the THX Processing re-equalizes the channels and dims the sound some what.

Does this mean I should only use the THX EX processing on my JVC amp when I listen to a EX or ES sound track and turn it off when just listening to a normal DD or DTS soundtrack?

Any help would be most welcome!




It's really a matter of preference.

If the movie sounds too bright ie over emphasised high frequencies, by all means turn off THX Re-Eq. If however things sound too dull, leave it off.

I'm not sure whether you can disengage Re-Eq on every THX rated amplifier if you want to use the useful tricks like De-Correllation though.


Sorry, I've realised that's not particularly helpful.

If THX-Surround EX is a seperate option to THX Re-Eq in the amp's setup, then you're in luck. If you've only got the option of THX on/off then I would suggest going with just plain old DD EX or DTS ES if you don't like the sound it produces.
It's worth noting that the THX Re-Eq only affects the L-C-R as far as I'm aware. The surrounds shouldn't be affected.

What amp do you have BTW?

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