Do I REALLY need a Scart block ?



I wonder whether any of you cabling techies can help me with a connection query ?

My Father in Law has the following set up / connections :

• Mitsibushi TV – two scarts, no original remote and therefore impossible to manually tune in any new stations;
• Pace analog SKY box (two scarts)
• Hitachi Video (two scarts.)

These are connected in a fairly typical way to the TV :

UHF ariel & satellite ariel into the SKY box
Sky – Scart 1 to TV, Scart 2 to video, RF lead from Sky box into video
Video – Scart 1 connected to Sky, Scart 2 to TV

All seems OK, but now he has decided he wants Freeview (lets assume 2x Scart and RF loopthrough on Freeview box) but he wants to retain the old SKY box to watch the German transmissions of UK football matches.

We seem to have run out of SCARTs into the TV, and we cannot use the “old” method of merely tuning the TV to a particular channel to watch (say) the video, freeing up a Scart input to the TV. Ideally he should get a more modern TV (outside budget), or he could get a Scart block (fiddly / more expense / too may gizmos for a more “mature” viewer)

Is there any way of daisy-chaining the arrangement to avoid the need for a Scart splitter ?

Any help would be very much appreciated. Cheers.


connect scart 1 of freeview into scart 2 of vcr as I presume recording quality from sky will no longer be an issue if the freeview is to mostly replace it.
when you put sky into standby freeview will show through.

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