Do I really need a new hdd for my father I laws laptop which regularly fails to boot?


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Father In-laws laptop repeatedly fails to boot into windows XP.
Investigations show a setting in bios was set wrong when bios setting seemed to be reset. XP doesn't like one setting so change it tourism ahci to compatibility mode as xp on hitachi doesn't like ahci and hey presto the PC boots. However after a while same thing. Investigation shows it might be CMOS but .......
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Laptop HDD health test in shop showing 95% health do I need new hdd?
My father in law has a toshiba laptop. It's ~5 years old but it's been working fine for him and he only uses it for emails and browsing web and some general stuff.
Recently it's been failing to boot up into xp. Just rolling round into too boot and looks like it's going to boot but then fails. Further checking seems to point to the CMOS battery might be duff and need renewing. I don't have time and so suggested taking it to a PC shop.
They said that the hdd was showing some disc errors and a hdd health check showed it was only 95% healthy. They said it would need a new hdd and they wouldn't diagnose any more without 1st recommending a new hdd and backing up / retrieving data etc would cost ~£145.

Now I'm no expert by any means but my questions is simple:
Do I need a new hdd?


It's a little bit more complex than that as the shop was recommended by a friend. Their brother owns the PC shop. Now if this is correct and the CMOS type boot issue could be induced by the hdd sector fault then ....
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