Do I need two amps to biwire

Bristol Pete

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As above do I need two amps/rec to biwire or can I just put the wires into one binding post ??

Totally unsure on this subject.

Is it really worth it ???

Just got Mission M72 fronts that are b-wireable. Setting up on weekend and might as well do it if poss and it improves sound.

Rec' is Sony STRDB870.....

Thanks in advance.

Captain B.


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You can biwire using your 870 by simply running two sets of speaker cable from each binding post as you suggest. If you do a search on "biwiring" you'll see that whether or not it makes any real difference tends to be subjective...

Biamping is a totally different story however and it is perhaps by doing this that you'll notice more dramatic improvements...


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