Do I need to worry about PIXELs if my projector will only be used for TV?


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Hi all,

Still learning about these projector things :hiya:

When a projector says that it has 1024x768 pixels what does this mean with regard to watching a DVD or TV that has say 576 lines of PAL DVD signal? I am never planning to hook up a projector to my PC so do are the PIXELs important to me? I will however be displaying the projector against a 7ft widescreen screen.

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More pixels= better LCD PJ resolution.

Try adjusting a JPEG image from 3000x3000 to 1600x1080 1024x768, etc.

It'll give you an idea of what higher/lower res pixels mean.


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The fewer the number of pixels, the coarser the structure of the image will be, hence the more visible it will be. An LCD projector's image is made up of tiny coloured squares. The larger (ie fewer) they are, the greater the likelihood that you will see this structure on screen. Try walking right up to a roadside hoarding poster to get an impression of what I mean.

A projector with more pixels will 'scale' the incoming signal to fit the LCD array. If done well, scaling can give the impression of greater detail than was actually there in the original signal.
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