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Hello all

Firstly thanks for a great forum I have learnt lots just scrolling through the threads.

I have just brought a sony BDV-E380 all in one 3d blu ray home cinema system.

Would upgrading the speaker wire be worth doing ? If yes have you any suggestions ? White cable would be prefered .

I'm not sure what speaker wire it comes with. maybe someone has knowledge of this?

Many thanks in advance

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This is a very subjective area and its possible you may notice some difference thought it might not be enough for you to notice but without trying you'll not know.

You could if you want get a roll of decent wire from Best Buy. They are selling a roll of 50ft Rocket Fish cable which looks decent gauge and quality which was £20 and I got it for £8. I think discount is now up to 70% so it would be £6 so hardly going to break the bank and could turn out the be a very worthwhile and cheap upgrade and if not, well you'll have to forfeit a couple of pints:)

Spending much more on speaker cable for a £300ish system is unlikely to yield much extra and without knowing what the supplied cable is like I couldn't tell you 100%

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