Do I need to upgrade to Denon AVR X4000


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Looking for some advice. In my living room setup I currently have a Denon 2113 connected to my samsung 60" plasma with skyhd and ps3 slim for blu rays. This is occasionally used for films and music although i have a dedicated cinema room as main setup for films. I have 4 x Q Acoustics 2020's as front l/r and rear l/r speakers, 2000C Centre, 1 x 2070s Sub 1 x 2070si sub, I also have a pair wharfdale satelites in the kitchen for zone 2 audio.

I want to be able to listen to Skyhd, blu rays, cds etc in zone 2 as well as stream music.

Here is the reasons im unsure if i need to upgrade....

1. Zone 2 Audio

As the zone 2 function on the 2113 only plays analog audio it only gets used to stream music. Am I right in thinking I could wire stereo phono cable from sky hd box to amp so i could listen to sky in both living room and kitchen and buy a stand alone blu ray player and do the same so listening to music blu rays i could have both zones playing. For this to work would I need to have audio outputs on skyhd or bluray player set to 2.0 or could I have zone 1 playing 5.1 while the kitchen would play the same but in 2.0 stereo?

As the X4000 can pass digital audio to zone 2, can I have the hdmi audio from skyhd or blu ray play 5.1 in zone 1 and 2.0 in zone 2 or would i need to set audio out to 2.0 for both?

2. Audyssey XT32 sub EQ

I am currently running two subs as the 2113 only has one output for subwoofer, the cable goes to first sub and cable from sub 1 to sub 2. Would using the 2 sub outputs on the x4000 manage the subs better and would the audyssey xt32 make a noticeable difference.

3. How does the denon x4000 compare to pioneer sc lx56

In my dedicated cinema room I have a pioneer SC LX56, how would you say the x4000 would compare against this. I currently have ps3/4, skyhd and pioneer bdp-450 going to amp with an 8.1 setup consisting of B&W 684 S2 F/L, B&W HTM62 S2 Centre, B&W 686 S2 Surround, B&W M1 front height and rear surround with a B&W PV1D sub. Would an upgrade be better spent on an improved avr for this setup and moving the pioneer to living room.

Im not sure I have described this very well, so will take another look when im not so tired and edit it lol, but any input we much appreciated.

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