Do I Need To Upgrade AV Reciever if Player Decodes DTS/Dolby HD?


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I have a Cambridge Audio 751 BD and Cambridge Audio 540 R V2 AV reciever. The pre outs of the 540 are connected to a Cambridge Audio 740A stereo amp.
As the 540R is pre HDMI, I use the multi channel analog outs on the 751BD.
As the BD player decodes DTS HD and Dolby HD onboard, is it worth upgrading my AV reciever to a model that decodes DTS HD and Dolby HD?
If not, I'd rather put my budget towards upgrading my Mordaunt Short Avant 906i speakers.


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You are currently getting HD audio so no need to upgrade the receiver. Having a HDMI enabled receiver would make you set up simpler and also mean setup is easier but assuming you have your current system set up correctly then you will not gain much by upgrading your receiver. Just to match the sound quality from your current receiver you would probably need to spend close to £500 (unless getting a heavily discounted model). I think I would be tempted to go for the speaker upgrade first.
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