Do I need to have my music on the PC to have the music on the iPhone


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Hi All

Really simplistic question which I think I probably already know the answer to but do I need to keep my music in iTunes (and therefore on the PC) to have it on the iPhone?

I assume I do as it will wipe it off the phone when it synchs. Am I right?



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Yes. Ur hard drive cant be that small so I don't see the point of deleting the music from ur computer


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HDD isn't "that" small but it is pretty full of stuff that needs to be on there rather than the music which I have cd's for

But thank you for the answer


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you dont need to have a copy of the songs on your pc to have it on your iphone

you can import cd, into itunes
select the tracks
sync to iphone
once this i done you ca, delete the files from your pc (dont do this from itunes) Find the the files/folder where they are saved and delete manually (thi will ensure that itunes will still show them listed but they will be 'greyed' out
unless you untick the songs in itunes they will NOT be deleted from your iphone.
this will allow you to import songs but free up space on your pc once you've moved them across.
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or buy a cheap memory stick big enough to fit all the music on...

keep your itunes library on this external drive and it wont clog up your machine but will always be there.

bobbytoads method is fine but if you ever need to restore or need to re-sync for some reason you would have to re-rip all those cds.... that could take a long time.. better to spend £10 now on a memory stick if you dont want to waste hard drive space.


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that is a good idea, or just buy an 100gb harddrive and keep next to ur pc/laptop and that way ur have loads of extra space

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Or use another program to administer your iphone that doesn't suck all the music off it when it syncs because it assumes that if it doesn't come through iTunes it must be nicked.

Songbird, perhaps, or one of the other iTunes alternatives you can check out on the net.


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Or you can backup you library from Itunes to a DVR(s), and then use the "greyed out" option

I'd get yourself at external HD myself, you can get them so cheap now, even if your budget is tight, get a secondhand one on ebay off someone who has upgraded

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