Do I need to connect the phone to my eBay SkyHD box?


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Here's the deal...

1) I had an existing Sky+ setup.
2) I bought a SkyHD box via eBay.
3) Already had a quad LNB and appropriate cabling installed (done when Sky+ was installed).
4) Phoned Sky to arrange multiroom and SkyHD subscriptions.
5) Was read the "standard contract" which said that (a) I needed to have the SkyHD box connected to the phone and (b) the SkyHD subscription was a minimum of 12 months.

Do either 5a or 5b apply in my situation? I was under the impression that these only applied if you bought the subsidised box from Sky.

Finally, I've been sent a new card for my SkyHD box. What do I need to do with it?

Thanks in advance!


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Thanks. Not a big deal, but I could have done with not having to put a phone line down to my basement...

Then what? Put in the new viewing card and call Sky?

Incidentally, I thought that cards were updated over the air? Is it purely the pairing that needs to be done over the phone?


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The pairing is done over the air. This can be done automatically during the installer setup as the box issues a callback via the phoneline.


You can phone Sky up and they can issue it from their end.

Instructions are listed elsewhere on skyhd forum how to do the install procedure yourself.

Either way though you will still need the phoneline connected for multi-room as its the way they check to see if the multiple boxes are in the same location by being contactable on the same phone number.


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If the multiroom box can't dial home then Sky will fine you the amount your Multiroom is saving versus two full subscriptions (as they suspect you will have placed the second box in another house and are hiding the fact by having the phone disconnected).

Its all clearly laid out in their Terms and Conditions......use a One4All phone line extended if you don't want to run wires (it uses the mains).


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My installer put the new card in the HD box and left the old card in the std box that became my multiroom box.

In my case it makes no difference but I believe they have started doing it this way around so as to allow those who have Sky+ boxes with card specific recordings the ability to still view them on the sky+ box they are recorded onto.

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