Do I need QED Silver Anniversary???




I'm very new to playing around with Home Cinema and have part bought, part inherited the below kit for my build (I know most of it is probably very old but in it's day it was good gear (wasn't it?)

ADVICE PLEASE!!! The burning question is...

To connect this lot up do I need to shell out on something like QED SIlver Anniversary, I've found a guy on eBay selling it for £3.60 a metre (if I buy 25 metres) which is cheap for half decent speaker cable but....based on the below kit list do I really need it to get the best out the kit or will a '£1 per metre' job do the trick for me? I've seen some cable on eBay, £1 per metre ( ZViewItem)
...will this really be up to it? Or do I go for the Silver Anniversary? I've already bought an IXOS Subwoofer cable but that's all the cable I have bought (so far!!!)

One more question - banana I need them? Pro's and Cons? QED Airlock or cheapos?

Thanks everyone! I'd really appreciate the benefit of your knowledge! :lease:

Here's what I've got:

Yamaha YST-SW80 Subwoofer
KEF Coda front speakers
AE centre speaker
Boston Acoustics VRS Micro rear speakers
Sony STR-DB930 amp

Ian J

Whilst I use QED Silver Anniversary speaker cable for my front three speakers I think that it is overkill on your system and I would suggest something cheaper.

Have a look through the various speaker cable threads here as you will find ideas that will cost much less but without any loss in quality


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If you've got the cash burning a hole in your pocket then do it! I finally went for banana plugs for a better connection and also ease of use. I upgraded my two front speaker cables and didn't have the cash to match up my centre - now thinking it was a bad move as I can hear the difference in the sound quality and it's bugging the hell out of me!


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Higher priced speaker cables/interconnects may become an issue as the ability of a system to resolve small changes in detail increase,but as IanJ has said,it's probably better to spend less on the speaker cables,and keep the money towards upgrading elsewhere.


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Take a look at the Van Damme Black/Blue cable (do a search on this forum for "Van Damme") which is very good value and well liked. I've used it on my all Linn system and been very happy with it. Alternatively, if you're prepared to do a little DIY, look at the "Cat 5" threads. Strange though it may sound to use computer networking cable for audio, it actually works really well (again, I've tried it, and much preferred it to my old QED cable, although it's since been replaced by the Van Damme for convenience and "wife acceptance factor" :)

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