Do I need Outlook to access my Hotmail email?


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After about 10 years, I need to buy a new laptop. I've done this. I also need to purchase Office to put on it. I only use Word and Teams and to be able to access my email which is hotmail (outlook). Do I need to buy the Office package that includes Outlook? This is more expensive than just the basic Office 2019, which does not include Outlook. Or can I use my email account without having Outlook? (I also know I can buy a yearly subscription to Office 365 but this is more expensive and I preferred buying Office one off). Do I also need to purchase Teams? Many thanks!


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Depends on what interfaces your e-mail provider provides.

But looking around it appears that does provide standard interfaces to allow other e-mail clients to send and collect mail:

I can't help with the teams question, I've no idea how microsoft makes that available and prices it.


Teams has a free version - meet up to 60 minutes

or pay stand alone. Bear in mind Teams remains focussed on businesses. How did you get it on the old laptop?

Outlook or Hotmail can be accessed through a browser


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I have a account which I use occasionally. I use Thunderbird to access it. I do not have Outlook (at least not in use, it is lurking somewhere).


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Have you tried logging on to online version of Office365 with your hotmail account. Its got Outlook and Teams. Its missing some of the advanced features but has all the basics and its free.

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