Do I need new Receiver?


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Not sure if this is the best sub forum for my questions but here goes. Last week I bought a new TV a very wonderful Sony Sony BRAVIA KE48A9BU OLED.

Now previously I had a six year old 32” Sony. I had that connected via ARC enabled HDMI to my even older Cambridge Audio Azur 351R Receiver. I had a Sony BDP-S1100 Blu-Ray player & a Manhatten T3-R 4K (PVR) inputting to the Azur. Everything played happily into my very modest 5 way surround speakers.
Innocently I presumed I could just take the HDMI out of the old TV and plug it into the eARC input on the new Sony. Result of doing that has been zilch, no sound no picture.

Things I have tried

#Took the HDMI out of the Azur and plugged it straight into the PVR. Result worked fine but obviously only sound from the TV speakers. So looks like the cable is OK? Cable is nothing fancy but only bought this month = Amazon product
#Checked the sound on the OLED is set to external speakers.

#I have been advised by retailer that the Azur will not work with my new TV because it is too old & does not have 4K.

I am quite happy to get a new Receiver if that will solve the problem (the Azur is getting a bit cranky anyway, needs rebooting every few days) but I want to make sure anything I buy will give me surround through the HDMI from my TV, my PVR and my Blu-Ray.

Nb I have no intention of getting more speakers so a 5ch amp will suffice so long as it can definitely get my surround sound back and give me some half decent stereo for background music. I have a dedicated stereo set up in another room. TBH At 75 my hearing is not in showroom condition and clear dialogue more important than convincing military grade demolition noises.

Currently considering a Yamaha RXV4A. Any comments very much appreciated. Thanks.



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Yes I am in a similar situation, though my old amp, a Yamaha had died so now looking for a replacement.
Yes you do need a new up to date receiver, and the Yammy looks OK, also consider if you can find one a Marantz NR1510 at a similar price or even less?
Others are possibly the Sony 1080 or the Denon 1600 again at a similar price point but not easy to find at the moment.

Myself at the moment am just using a stereo amp with a cheap dac as an interim solution, it's not a bad thing but no surround sound or centre but still good.

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The Cambridge Audio 351R is a bit long in the tooth now, a new AVR might be a good idea.

Meanwhile though, your Blu Ray player has a digital coax output, so you could connect the HDMI to the TV for video and the coax to the AVR for audio.

Likewise with the PVR, you can use HDMI to the TV for video and optical out into the AVR for audio.


You'll not be able to pass any 4K signals through the receiver. It will need to be used simply for audio via a secondary input such as optical or ARC back from the TV with all HDMI going to the TV. However as the blu ray player is a 1080p output that should still work via the receiver, it's just the 4K signals that are problematic for you.

A new receiver will simplify matters for you. At the moment I would connect the player up via HDMI to the receiver. The 4K box has to be connected to the TV and either ARC or optical is needed for the audio. I would go with an optical connection as this tends to be far more stable than ARC. Both will carry a maximum of SD Dolby 5.1 so you are not going to miss out on any audio quality.

The blu ray connection to the receiver will still give you HD audio.


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Many thanks for those suggestions. Will give this some more thought, tending to the lure of a new AVR to hopefully solve all problems at a stroke.
BTW The sound from that TVs inbuilt speakers is not bad as those things go, e.g. probably as good as a cheapish sound bar.

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