Do I need Marantz NA6006 streamer on top of Marantz NR1510 receiver?

Does the Marantz NR1510 AV Surround Receiver has inside everything Marantz NA6006 network audio streamer has? Or is streaming functionality/audio quality of the NR1510 noticeably inferior? I understand from reading the manual the NR1510 has some streaming functionality in it. Considering almost equal price I wonder if NA6006 adds anything in terms of sound quality or extra functionality which NR1510 might be lacking.


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Well, other than TIDAL and Deezer and possibly some other Hi Res streaming services I can't see what the dedicated Marantz streamer would bring to the table. The sound quality might be marginally better with the NA6006. If I was going for a dedicated streamer I'd probably spend a little extra for a Bluesound node 2i which offers better ongoing support for the native apps (the NA6006 is an outgoing model so may not) this is always a worry with streamers, The node 2 also supports Hi Res MQA with Tidal, not sure the Marantz does that.
@Kapkirk thank you. The NR1510 as far as I understand can play Tidal. Both NR1510 and NA6006 list 24/196 in their specs. Don't know if they have the same DAC inside.


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The 1510 does not specify a DAC as such so will probably be its own Marantz proprietary DAC, the NA6006 specifies an ESS ES9016 SABRE 32 Ultra DAC so will likely give better sound quality.
Could you not just buy the NR1510 and see you you think of it first, then if not satisfied go for a dedicated streamer later.

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