Do I need DLNA on my TV to stream catch up tv?


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Why Do I need DLNA - diff between DLNA and streaning to TV wirelessly via an adapter.

Why would I need a DLNA compliant TV? Can I achieve the same functionality wirelessly through an alternative adapter (not clued up as yet on Wi - fi between TV and PC) and not pay the extra for DLNA.

PS. my acer 5920G has dlna.

My set up.
Wireless Router (through 02)
PC with Vista Home Premium and Windows Media Center

Not decided on TV as yet due to this dlna issue

Any help with clearing things up would be appreciated.


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Surely having a DLNA TV with a built-in Ethernet RJ45 port is nicer solution than having to have yet another set-top-box-like thing in the room too?

I mean, the TV can decode MPEG-2 (and MPEG-4 in the near future) when the video bitstream data arrives down the aerial and into the TV, so having the ability to have the MPEG data arrive via the Ethernet port too sounds like the best solution to me.

Personally, I'm saving up for a nice DLNA TV to use as the viewing client for all my recorded TV programmes etc on my MythTV server in the other room.

My 2c


P.S. I am not sure how good a result you will get via WiFi. It will work with MPEG-2 video I believe, but personally I'd prefer a wired Ethernet connection for more bandwidth and smoother, more stable streaming. I've not tried much streaming of MPEG-2 wirelessly, but I do recall reading something along these lines. Guess it depends how many clients (TVs) you're likely to stream to simultaneously. I'll potentially sometimes stream to 3 TVs at once.
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