Do I need an upscaling AVR??


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Hi all,

So having spent a good month reading through the various AVR recommendations in the forums, I have decided to settle on a Onkyo SR606. I am planning to also purchase a 42PZ85B. The devices that I want to hook up to my TV are a PS3 (which will be used for blue ray/playing DVDs/gaming), my nintendo wii and my sky+ box.

Originally, I was planning to get the Onkyo so it could pass through the signal from the PS3 (which would upscale DVDs too) and then use the Onkyo to upscale sky+ and my wii. However, I have read that the onkyo 606 can only connect to the sky+box by S video and that this does not produce a very good picture.

On the basis that the sky+ (as others advise) goes direct into the TV, the question I am now confused about is whether I even need an AVR that has upscale technology? If I plug the wii direct into the TV aswell, presumably the TV can upscale that itself?

I guess what I am trying to find out therefore is whether there is any point me getting an AVR with upscale technology if two out of the three systems I am planning to plug into the set up will either go straght into the TV or not require upscaling?

If this is the case, should I be looking at other AVRs - and if so which ones would people recommend for a similar price to the 606 (£400)?

It is unlikely that I am goin to go for sky HD in the future (in case that makes any difference) and the only other piece of hardward i might connect in would be a xbox 360 (if I ever decide to buy one).

I hope that you guys can help me as I am getting pretty confused...and just when I thought I hd finally got me package sorted!!!

Thanks very much


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Yeah mate,get the 606,but connect your sky box directly to the tv,then use an optical(i think)cable for the sound to the 606,plug the rest of your gear into the 606,via hdmi leads where possible:smashin:


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your tv will scale it all anyway, so you don't need to have an amp that can do it for you. it's possible the scaler in the amp could be better than the scaler in your tv, but in your budget range there probably isn't a lot of difference....


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Thanks Ian and Mossym - Do either of you, or anyone else for that matter, know if the PZ85B has a good upscaler? Or is the one in the Onkyo 606 better?



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tbh, i don't rate panasonic scalers very highly, but i've never seen the one in that tv. i imagine the onkyo will do at least as good a job, but that is just my opinion

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