do i need an AV amp




im looking at buying a mission m7s speaker package consisting of 5 sat speakers and a sub

question i would like to ask is , DO i have to have a AMP to run these speakers , or can they go straight into my dvd player ( pioneer 444 )

many thanks


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Perhaps someone should explain exactly why you need an amplifier. :)

The DVD player only puts out a tiny voltage compared with what speakers need. The tiny voltage is amplified by the amp to a voltage and amperage large enough to move the speaker cones to make the sounds you hear from them.

The amp or receiver also has lots of useful things you need to play music or watch films. Like a volume control on each channel for balancing your speakers with each other. And a master volume control to control the loudness of everything all at once.
It also has selection knobs to allow you to play CDs or DVDs or videos or whatever else you need.

Naturally this is only skimming the surface of what a modern multi-channel amp or receiver will do for you.



thanks for the insight !
and heres me thinking i could just plug a speaker in and way-hay

thanks again for reply

im off to buy an AV reciever, any recommendations with the £200-£250 bracket ?



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IMO yamaha do some of the best buget amps. have a look at You can pick up a yammy for 150-200 ish.
Hard to beat at that price.

or you could make your money go furthur by buying 2nd hand from the classfied section here. Most of the guys look after their equipment very well and sell at a very good price.

Warning: if you do goto richer sounds do your home work and decide on what you want. You can ask the forum for throughts etc etc. Richersounds will probably try and flob you off some of their other junk saying it's a better match etc etc.....


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Quite a few people on these forums havs said god things about the Yamaha HTR5640 (£202 form RS). Have a search through the Amps forums for more information.

And have the Denon 1803 (forerunner of the 1804) for £198. Another good amp.


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