Do I need an aerial/splitter/amplifier or all three?


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Hi there, I hope you can help me out.
I am moving to a newly refurbished house. There is currently no aerial at all but the builder showed me a wire in the loft and said that I needed a loft in my aerial to attach to the wire, and a booster. He has had a quote from an aerial company and it is £300 for the aerial; "an eight way system with booster."

I'm afraid to confess I have no idea if this is what I actually need! Is it, or do I need something simpler/cheaper?

The house has five tv aerial points in the kitchen, lounge and three bedrooms and I would like to be able to have TV in all of those.

I have had to sign up for BT Vision + broadband and phone as there are limited options in the area I am moving to.

Please can you tell me whether the aerial, an eight way system with booster is actually what I need?

Many thanks everyone!


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Please can you tell me whether the aerial, an eight way system with booster is actually what I need?
Not without further information.:) Whether it is suitable for your needs depends on where your new house is and thus the likely signal strength from the 'local' transmitter. Post your postcode (or one that's pretty close if you don't want to post your actual postcode).

You will definitely need an aerial of some sort and probably a 6 way distribution amplifier, but the type of both will depend on the signal strength. Presumably the feeds to the various rooms terminate in the loft? If so you will also a mains supply in the loft for the amp.
If the sig strength is really strong, you might just get away with a 6 way passive splitter, but that would probably be 'pushing it' a bit.

Are you at all technically DIY capable, as fitting an aerial and dist amp is not very difficult and will likely save you 'loadsa money'. Not sure if £300 is a fair price, but it seems a bit on the steep side to me.

As an aside, I just wonder why you have posted in the satellite section of the forums when your query is presumably about terrestrial TV


Hi and welcome to the forum.
Let us know the answer to TJT1's question.

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