Question Do I need a vpn for streaming kodi tv?


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I've heard different things about vpn's and not sure if I should get one. Will it make it so more links work when I stream kodi tv? It seems like more links don't work than work, like dexter tv for example

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There are many points to using a VPN, none of them have anything to do with KODI though unless you want to access Netflix, BBCiPlayer etc outside your own region etc.

Using any service won't make dodgy streams on KODI more accessible. The reason you can't access them is they're always being shut down.
Live TV streams are poor for the above reason and there's too many users and not enough bandwidth.

The real purpose of KODI is not illegitimate streams, it's to stream your own content locally.
Discussion of illegal streaming is not permitted on the forum.
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What's the point of a vpn?

The point of a VPN on Kodi are

To allow you to use Hulu, BBC Iplayer when outside the correct reagions, and to protect your idententy when downloading or streaming illegal content..

A VPN can never increase bandwidth but can decrease it as you are not bypassing any bottle necks (you are still in a roundabout way going to the same website so it still has the same problems and you are still using you own set up so still have the same problems (slow internet, lots of users on your internal network, high contention ratio or wifi issues)) but the VPN itself could cause a bottle neck if it is slower than any other part.

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