Do I need a rotavator/tiller

Hi all, hoping for abit of advice.

I have a garden that slopes right to left and drops off away from the house to the lowest back left corner been probably 2-3 ft lower than closest to the house.

The wife has obviously had too much time on her hands recently and decided she would like the back left corner leveling out and a patio area making. Then a small 2ft max tall wall building to retain/frame the area. I started the digging a few days ago dug footings for the wall and cemented. Then I looked up to the huge pile of mud/sods of grass I piled up which I'd moved from the aforementioned patio area. Her( our) plan is to returf or grass seed this area making it flatter with some drainage pipes to the playfield /bushes behind the house to allow a little water off when it chucks it down.

So this big pile of mud looking at me is quite intimidating, I'm thinking it's going to take alot of chopping up and turning over to make good..... This leads me to me thread title, do I need a rotavator or tiller to break it all up or am I onto the wrong tool. I'm keen to do anything myself once and if I make a mess of it pay a person that knows hopefully what they're doing 😂

I can take some pics but it's too dark at the moment and I hoped my description kind of leads me to the right answer.

Thank you for reading

Sorry mud is probably the wrong terminology, it's the soil I've dug (spade depth sort of 6" square) to lower the patio area plus the grass that was there. I was planning on using it to build up / level out the garden slope to the wall I'm building then either grass seed for a lawn or turf.

I'll upload some pictures tomorrow, just planning ahead of myself

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