Question Do I need a pre-amp?


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I've just purchased a Denon DM40 and Reloop RP1000M Turntable. I've connected it all up but need the sound volume on full to get a reasonable sound but it's not great. I've been reading up and think I may need a pre-amp.

Could you advise what a pre-amp is and whether I need one and if so any recommendations?

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You need one. This can be built into either of the turntable or amplifier or an external one sitting in-between. This will either be a moving magnet (MM) or Moving Coil (MC) so you need to which one your TT has.

Your dm40 or TT do not have a phono stage built in so will need one like the following..


The above phono stages are MM but there are some available that can switch between MM/MC which are more expensive

Here's a link to explain what it is and why you need one

Phono Stages
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Checking the Reloop Website, there is no indication that the Reloop RP-1000M has a buit-in Phono Pre-amp, so yes, you will need an amp with at PHONO input or a external Phono Pre-Amp like those that have been suggested.

Reloop RP-1000M

The Moving Magnet (MM) phono cartridge needs about 100x amplification to bring it up to Line Level, and to make the grooves fit on a record, they cut the bass and boost the highs. Then on playback, the opposite occurs, highs are cut and bass is boosted, bringing everything back to normal.

That's what Phono Pre-Amps do, they provide that 100x Amplification and provide the RIAA Equalization curve to bring the response back to normal.

RIAA equalization - Wikipedia

A very basic straight forward Phono Pre-Amp would not cost that much, consider this common Pre-Amp -

Project Phono Box MM Turntable Pre-Amplifier - Superfi

Though if money is tight, something like the suggested Behringer would be fine -

Behringer PP400 Microphono Ultra Compact Phono Preamp assorted colour: Musical Instruments


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