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Do I need a new Router?


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I currently use BE Internet via a filtered faceplate in the BT Master socket with a BE Box (Speedtouch 585 V6) and get around 10 mbps down / 1mb upload. Occasionally tho the line drops momentarily which is annoying more than critical. I have checked all my stats and increased the SNR via DMT to abt 7.5 and better but still drops few times an evening. I am still checking the stats with BE (maybe will post them here as well tonight) and will install a new network cable tonight to see if that helps. My question however is will I see a better / quicker / more reliable connection if I upgrade the router? Any views / suggestions for which one greatly appreciated. Jeremy


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ADSL is a standard, but still open to many parameters being fine tuned between the modems at each end.

generally your ISP supplied modem, will be fine tuned to work best on their network, and have had months of testing vs pot luck off the shelf generic stuff thats been run up in a lab in China with generic ADSL datapump from the chipset supplier

So it really is a case of luck (usually) - some of the bigger brands, that supply ISPs direct are my favourite, as they spend a lot of time in ISP labs. IN the UK market that would be Thomson and Netgear

so the short answer - no

I would look elsewhere to cure your problems - start checking your internal home telephone network and make sure that is optimised (lots of threads on that on here) - check the faceplate wiring for loose connections etc

If the problem is persistant after that, then ring BE and get them to investigate - if they do have an issue, then they need people ringing in to tell them

im not sure if they control the firmware on the modem, but im sure they must be upgrading the software at both ends as necessary

every week I hear of friends/aquantances/business customers blindly changing out perfectly good hardware because they have a problem they dont understand how to fix ....occasionally they get lucky and proclaim the old hardware to be pants and the new to be the danglies, when in reality it was pot luck :( :rolleyes:


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Thanks - pretty much as I thought! I am currently running stats checks with for the connection using the filtered faceplate vs direct into the test socket and take it from there. Will also try new ethernet cable as the one i have is v old and twisted etc. If all else fails will be on to BE to try and resolve. Many thanks for your reply :smashin:

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