Question Do I need a new Recever / Amp?


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I have just replaced my TV and DVD player to an LG55C9PLA and Panasonic DP-UB9000 DVD player. My amp is an old but great Yamaha DSP-Z7. The DVD is HDMI connected direct to the TV for video and HDMI audio to the amp. Playing into the front only part (L,R, Centre and Sub) of a B&W 600 series 5.1 set up.

Q: Will I get any benefit by replacing the amp with something newer? I no longer have the budget for the top of the range stuff (my DVD was the old Pioneer BDP-LX91) so budget would be around £750. I do not need anything more than 5.1 but want to ensure I get the best sound from UHD discs (subject to limitations of the speakers)


With the Z7 you still have all the HD audio options, ie, Dolby TrueHD, so audio wise all you will be missing out on is Atmos. It's fine receiver that cost a pretty penny when new and if you are more than happy with it and are happy with any work arounds then there is little point in changing even though it's unable to pass any 4K signals.

You will still get the best sound from 4K discs, except for Atmos as there is no difference between them and current blu rays.


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Gibbsy, many thanks. It looks like the wife can have a Christmas present other than a new Amp! :D


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If you don't want the Z7 I'll take it off your hands free of charge :D

In your situation I wouldn't be changing the amp. The Z7 can do HD audio so beyond Atmos you won't get anything more from a new amp except inferior amplification unless you spend loads.

In theory if you use the onboard apps on your TV then because the Z7 doesn't do ARC you'll be missing out on Dolby Digital Plus which is supposedly a bit better than vanilla DD over an optical connection but is argue the superior quality amplification makes more difference than a marginally better sound format.


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Hi. If I were you I'd keep the Z7, a friend of mine has one and we're often listening together to it, real great sound. You said yourself that you're happy with the sound of your present configuration, so buying a new amp. while the Z7 works flawlessly could bring you headaches comparing the new sound picture with the Yamaha's, especially if you're on the budget. Buy your wife something nice instead, it is always a wise investment for an audophile.🙂 Best regards from Croatia.

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