Do I need a KVM or VGA switch?


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Hi Guys,

Purchased my XBOX on Saturday and I want to use it on my PC Monitor.

At the moment it's connected to my Panasonic 37 inch TV thorugh HDMI but the missus isn't too impressed me wanting to play while something is on TV.

I just want a bit of advice is possible, do I need a KVM or a Switch? I think I need a VGA switch but if you could help please.

As it stands my PC is connected to my Monitor (Only one VGA input only), Audio wise it is connected to my Creative 5.1 Gigaworks through the green, orange and black jack leads.

What I want to do is get a XBOX VGA lead and connect that into a switch along with my PC VGA lead. Then one lead to the Monitor.

Audio wise I will need to get a twin phono to 3.5mm jack to go into the 3.5mm socket audio input at the sub for my gigaworks and plug the phone leads into the sockets of the adapter?

If all hunky dory that should work shouldn't it unless I am playing audio through my PC at the same time as my XBOX?

I don't need a KVM do I, or do I?

If not can anyone recommend any cheap VGA switches. (By the way my monitor only goes upto 1680 x 1050 resolution)

Thanks guys


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Thanks a lot Mikepriester,

Think I will get everything from Amazon as they seem to do everything I need for about £25

Still going to connect it to the TV when she's out though :) which leads to the next question...

...even though I'll be playing through VGA if I had the HDMI lead connected will the output be put through both leads? Not having to mess about disconnecting leads all the time.


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Just ordered everything, Twin Phono to 3.5mm adapter, 2M Gold Plated VGA Lead, VGA Switch Box and XBOX VGA lead all for £16 quid including P+P :)

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