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Do i need a dvd player that will upscale to 1080p?

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hi im about to start home cinema and trying to sort out what things to buy.
i will be getting the panasonic ae2000 projector, an onkyo 805 and probably a panasonic dmp-bd30 when they come to the uk.

from what i have read the panasonic ae2000 is great for HD but no so good for SD and also that the onkyo 805 doesnt do upscaling. and also the dmp-bd30 is good for Hd again but not so good for SD upscaling. so my question is am i better getting a dvd player to upscale to 1080p ( i know this wont make SD into HD) will i get better results when watching dvds on my projector? or should i spend extra £200 and get the onkyo 875 which upscales well? or just not bother?


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The TV will upscale. It really depends on what has the better upscaler. If you have an expensive DVD player then it probably has a very good upscaler so worth using it.


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I guess the output from the BR player will automatically upscale the DVDs anyway when you try to play one on the machine unless you change the settings all the time?? Not sure as I don't have one of these new panys.

If you want a DVD player that upscales well, then you will be looking at £250+ anyway, so I guess the better Amp is the answer. That way you know everything going to the PJ is going to be at the right resolution. I'm suprised that the new pany BR player doesn't do a good job of upscaling though :confused:

Getting the better amp will be the way forward, as you will always be thinking that you should have spent the extra ££ :rolleyes:

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