Do I have Mains problems?



Hello all.

Ive got an LCD based rptv connected to an all-in-one home cinema system, a VCR and an Xbox.

The image on all inputs is fine, apart from a strange luminance difference between certain columns of pixels. This shows up as slightly lighter strips if pixels running down the screen.
Using my dvd player also introduces diagonal lines drifting down my image, as well as some horrible noise.

I noticed that unpluging certain electric devices from around my home makes a big difference to the display, even though they are not on the same mains block! In the case fo our electric heater, the image gets better when we plug it IN somewhere in the room!!

Can I assume I have a mains problem? Any ideas how to get to the bottom of this? I appreciate there may be no one answer, but I have to start eliminating somewhere.


Stereo Steve

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Hmm, either you need some kind of mains cleaner block for your AV gear or you need to get a seperate curcuit installed for that stuff. Neither particularly cheap.

Maybe some electricians could suggest possible causes of your problems?


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I think it's either a phasing problem in the power supply, or an impedence mis-match somewhere. I don't know what can cause it, but I've seen a similar 'issue'in some LCD ATC radar displays I've seen recently.




thanks guys.

I tried a simple Silencer from Russ Andrews, which didnt help, however one of the technicians at RA told me that if my grounding/earth is poor, then none of thier silencers/purifiers will work properly anyway.

Any of you have any experience with grounding problems?
Ive been told poor grounding can cause all kinds of interference and noise.
Can anybody confirm this?

Im gonna get a sparky round to have a look me thinks.:)

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