Do I have a Faulty Panny 6?


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Dec 21, 2003
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I have posted previously about this issue but I'd appreciate some further guidance from anyone with a panny 6.

I'm simply not sure if I have a problem with my plasma or if they all do it. Put simply, for most of the time it's fine but everytime I get an image on the screen that's primarily white (jacob's creek adverts, E4 channel preview screen etc or if there's an all white fade (contradiction in terms I know) from one scene to another, the display shimmers and I can see the image being refreshed. It's almost like a strobe effect but obviously not that crude. My wife can't see it but I can and so can my friend.

I spoke to John Lewis who said that I'd be better of speaking to Panasonic. They never responded to my e-mails but I finally spoke to someone earlier this week. They didn't seem to know if it was a standard issue with these screens or if it was faulty. They simply said that all plasma screens flicker. They also said that they could take it away to examine but they could only do that after the 28 days I have to return the item to JL is passed.

This seems crazy to me. I want to know if it's the same on all of them or if mine is faulty before it's too late to do anything about it.

I'm sorry if this is repeating part of my earlier post but I could really use the benefit of others experiences with this plasma. I should say that I'm using the panny tuner and all my sources are RGB apart from my PS2 which is using s-vid. It happens on all sources , sky, dvd and games but again, only when the screen is primarily white.
You haven`t got AGC switched on in the advanced menu have you ?

Edit: Just noticed you are using the Tuner, I don`t know if there is an AGC option on the tuner menu ?
Certain people can detect flicker easier than others, I can see flicker on my PW6 only when playing a certain white startup logo at the beginning of some DVD's, as it zooms away it shimmers. I think this is just a side effect of the way plasmas work.

Apart from that the display is excellent on everything, and I'd buy another anyday.

Only driving the screen via RGB from my old DV-717 (will update when funds allow) :)
Don't appear to have anything called AGC but as you say, it's probably because I use a tuner.

From further investigation, it may be 50hz flicker. I usually play pro evolution soccer at 60hz but today I accidentally left it at 50 hz. The pitch looked horrible and I saw flicker all the way through it: much worse than anytime I've watched normal football on it.

I appreciate your comments though. I'm in a quandry though as I'm not sure if I can live with this or not. Perhaps I'm just sensitive to these things but I can see it clearly. I did contemplate changing it for the pioneer but the lack of black put me off. Perhaps I may have to rethink again.

Thanks again and sorry if this is rehashing some old ground.
Not really. Mostly the room is illuminated by three table lamps (hardly ever use the main light). I can see it though no matter the light present in the room. I've tried going around local shops to see if any are showing a white background to compare but it's really difficult.

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