Do I have a faulty LNB? New install questions...


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Just bought one of those camping satellite kits. Having read a tutorial on dish alignment this morning I see its a little more complex than expected. However last night I was stood with the dish in hand roughly pointing towards the same direction as the other Sky dishes in the area and moving it left to right, up and down. The box's signal intensity didn't twitch above 0% once - and I was out there for about 20 minutes. Is this normal? I appreciate by holding the dish I'm not exactly going to be able to receive anything but I would have thought that the signal would at least move a bit to suggest that I was moving back and forth over the right area.

Could I have blown my LNB? When I first plugged it in - with the cable through the balcony window, I found that the receiver kept powering on and off like something was short circuiting. Having unplugged and replugged it all in it stopped doing this.

I tested with reciever with the communal point in the flat and it seems to work fine.

Should I get a satellite finder or spend my money on a new LNB? Is it normal to not get a peep out of the signal intensity bar if you aren't accurately working out exactly where it should go? Is it that sensitive?




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Yeah wondered if it would be instant and thus prehaps faulty hardware or something else, but yeah thats good to know. I'll get the sat finder at lunch and try again this evening with a proper compass and a bit more time on it.


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I would get a cheap meter ,it will save you loads of time and you get an instant indication from it.
Like fernandez has said holding a dish in your hands isn't going to get you any results ,don't you get some sort of mount with the camping satellite kits.


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Got a sat finder and bendable coxial window cable from Maplin and a compass from a camping shop.

Manged to get it working last night. I found after messing that I had no changes to what I was experiencing previously. When I checked the coaxial cable I found the inner wire was crushed up and not sticking out. Therefore there wasn't a connection. Using a pair of tweezers I reshaped it. It was the same case the other end too. Not sure why this had happened given that I'm normally so careful.

Once I got it all plugged back in I instantly saw that moving the dish was having an instant effect on the receivers signal intensity, so much so I was actually able to just use the box instead of the sat finder to align to the dish myself.

Managed to get Astra 19E but couldn't get hotbird or turksat. Later however I tried again just holding the dish in my hand and managed to pick up those satelittes too, although as soon as I even moved it went. :rotfl:

Happy days. Always wanted to set up a satelitte dish and yeah was exciting seeing all the channels appear. I now need to get it setup perminately on my balcony - without fixings as technically I'm not allowed. So I was thinking of putting a pole into a plant pot with some compost and having the dish basically free stand. Any thoughts?




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Yeah, use cement, and not compost. With the weight of the dish etc, and when it gets windy, it's likely to move the pole. Also, make sure you have quite a big plant pot... :)

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