Question Do I buy an amp or receiver?


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We have an old Pioneer all in one system. Bought in 2003 and it’s finally started to give up so it’s time to replace it. It I’m not sure if I need to buy an amp or receiver and the reading up I’ve done has just confused me. We have an Apple TV, Playstation and Humax telly box connected with HDMI and optical cables at the moment.

I’m also hoping to re-use the speakers to save pulling up the carpet to lay cable underneath. The current speaker connectors have what looks like an rj11 socket - can this be cut off and the speakers connected to an amp/receiver? A couple of photos attached that might make it clearer.

So if I’m going to venture into the Classifed section what am I buying?





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Typically you shouldn't use htib speakers with a avr as they're designed with the matching htib amplifier..may have unique crossover or filtering.

Also the sub is passive, no avr has subwoofer high level outputs.

Ditch the speakers, subwoofer, and probably speaker cable is bell wire. Buy new everything.


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Buy an AV Receiver. Amplifiers typically only have 2 channels of amplification and you will need 5 plus the sub.

As @rccarguy says, you would be best advised to rip it all out, but you can use the main speakers and cables without issue - even if better speakers would make a big improvement.

I don't see an issue with the wiring so long as it's not more than 5M or so. Most AVRs will take bare wire ends, so you can just snip off the connectors , twist the ends of each core to gather the loose strands together and connect to the amplifier. Make sure you connect them all the same way round, so the black striped wire to the black connector in all cases. Thicker wire would be preferable, but quite honestly you really won't hear any difference at this quality level. It's only when you are spending thousands that thicker and better cables make any real difference.

The sub is an issue, as all AVRs will only work with a powered sub. This need not be expensive, even a basic sub like this Yamaha NSSW050 (Black) will probably sound better than what you have now, but £200 will get you something that will impress you even more. You will not be able to use the speaker cable for this, you will need a Phono - Phono cable. These are available quite cheaply in lengths up to 9M or so.

Hope this helps!!

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