Do I buy a second hand philips plasma?


are dub

I am buying a house, and the seller has a Philips 42PF9965 plasma that is very nicely wall mounted. It looks great and I have always wanted a plasma but had to go for a rear projection last time due to cost.

Anyways, he is prepared to sell me the screen for £1700. It is 2-3 months old, so will still have some warranty left on it.

Question is, is this a good deal? I am a Plasma Virgin I am afraid, yet very excited and don't want my blind enthusiasm to get me in trouble!! :confused:


why dont you jump over 2 av sales
i got a panny 42 inch plasma with media box from them £1350 new
they are also a verry good company they will look after you


Way to expensive. Don't do it.
Although I have the Philips 42pf9966, the pany deal being new is mutch better.



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i'd get a new one mate, unless you can get him down to £500, he might not really want it or the hassle of moving it. try your luck mate, play him!! :cool:


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Also, the 42PF9966 is only a smidge more expensive NEW.
(Currys/Dixons etc)

are dub

Thanks for the advice everyone.

The selling points he has been pushing are :

1024x1024 resolution
it has 2 fans (it is positioned above a gas fire with marble fireplace)
the new model does not look as good
the new model is not designed to go on a wall
it has an external tuner box, so only needs one cable to the screen

Will these other models do the same or similar?

Also, what is AV Sales? Sorry for being dumb, but I am brand new to this.


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most of his selling points are pants, i'd offer him £250 quid in principle!!.
plus, if it's so wonderful, he wouldn't be able to get it off the wall quick enough, think about that.


Are the cables already buried? If so, I believe the philips media box connection is actually analogue VGA, which gives you lots of lovely options. So tell him to stick it if it's not £500 or less, my betting is he'll just leave it behind for a nominal fee. And don't forget to complain if he takes the bracket, unless specifically excluded in the spec for the house!

are dub

Ta for the advice. Think I'll tell him that I am not interested, see if he'll play ball, and buy a new one if he doesn't.

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