Do HDMI splitters work??


Davy Clelland

I'd like to supply a secondary tv screen from my Denon AVR-2312 AV receiver, but the amp only has an output for 1 screen.

I saw a simple HDMI 2 way splitter on Ebay for a couple of quid, will this work for my requirements?

Please note: the HDMI cables going to the screens will be quite long, 1x 10m and 1x 5m.

Thanks in advance!


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Active splitters should work fine. I paid about £30 for one from TV cables that was used on the end of an Oppo 3:1 switch and it worked a treat.

However, with HDMI there are no guarantees. 10m shouldn't be a problem though.


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Any HDMI unit with multiple outputs should not really be called a splitter. Splitter is a carry over from older analog devices and it a very common and bad practice to apply it to HDMI. It implies a simplicity that can never happen with HDMI.

Splitter is really an old analog term for passive devices that split the signal , HDMI cannot be split like that , any HDMI device that supplies two or more screens , needs active electronics.

If such a device does not have its own power , and for a couple of quid thats highly unlikely , then the chances of it working are at best 50/50 , and reduce that by half again if your screens are different native resolutions as that requires some kind of EDID management , which again is highly unlikely for a couple of quid.

HDMI distribution boxes , which is what they should be called , should never steal power from the interface , it may look sort of like a USB connection , but its far from it , and it was never ever designed to power external devices like that.

Any unit you buy should have its own power supply , and 25 quid is the minimum price Ive seen for devices that actually work.

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I'd recommend you buy a brand name powered splitter- bought 2 powered Belkin switchers on eBay last year and zero issues so far. Also, for long distance runs I'd also recommend good quality HDMI cable.


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