Do front and rear speakers need to match?


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Current setup:
2 x Monitor Audio Bronze 2 speakers
1 x Monitor Audio Bronze Centre

Would I be OK running 2 x Monitor Audio Bronze 1's as the rears?

As a rule, do you need to follow any specific rule when adding rears to an existing system?



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They don't have too match but good practice is to have a speaker from the same manufacturer so that the sound signature is as close as possible.

Subs, you can get whatever suits best, most big speaker manufacturers don't make great subs, makes like SVS/XTZ/MK/PSA are the exception.


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I don't feel it matters, I use non matching sides and have used in matching rears also.

As same make of fronts didn't make bipoles.

I guess if you have a dedicated room designed from scratch with enough room between listener and speakers mean can use identical all round, but sometimes need to choose other brand or designs.


I have different mains and surrounds. From the same manufacturer but from different ranges.
If you've matched across the front, different models from the same brand will be fine as surround.


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Thank you for the replies.

So, in summary:
If you have a matched front set, the 2 rears are less fussy?

An extension to the original question if I may, can you "cheapen out" on the rears?

A pair of Bronze 1's seem excessive for the rears which will be used for maybe the odd gunfire and background noise, or am I underestimating the importance of rear/side speakers?


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Your ears are designed to be optimised for front facing stereo localisation.

The further the sound source moves towards the rear of your head the less resolution can be defined, so it becomes less important to match the rears with the fronts as you'll notice the tonal differences less.

Side pairs are possibly more debatable. I've chosen to match my side pair with my fronts, so my LCR and side pairs are all Arendals. My rears are currently KEF T101s.

Edit: to specifically answer your initial question, yep you should be fine with that setup!


I have KEF R Series all round simply because that's how my upgrading progressed. On the very few soundtracks where the sound pans right around the soundstage it sounds very good. The conversations at the beginning of The Revenant pan perfectly. It certainly isn't a rule that is set in stone and a lot of people go for the surrounds that suit their room more than the timbre and there is nothing wrong in that.

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