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Do dogs think they're human?

Artie Fufkin

Prominent Member
So, you've got a family pet dog and it wants on the sofa. Why shouldn't it??..it sees it's pals [read: everyone else in the household] doing it. Is said dog just chancing it, or does it really think that it is one of us - a human? Does it realise that it's not the same species?

Just a curious late night post.:rolleyes:


Established Member
My brother has dogs and he believes that they do think they're human.

I think that it's either that or they think we're dogs, in that by nature they're pack animals, and os when in a group, any group, they think the're all the same. Which is why when training them you have to establish yourself as leader of the pack, or top dog:D


Established Member
I had a lovely mutt (from a home) called Max. He changed my life bless him. He understood more words than many of my human mates (although I am from essex). I had to leave him when I moved back to London - (he still lives in Camber Sands xxxxxxxx)


Senior Moderator
We've just got a young puppy (see Andrex thread), and it actually stops climbing onto the sofa on command. Hopefully repeated obedience training will make for a disciplined dog :)


SOK said:
Do humans lick their own b***s?

I rest my case.
la gran siete said:
or sniff other ...............no Im not going there:eek:
Ah but do dogs kill others just because of the colour or religion, or pollute/populate the planet to to the brink of its limits. I think not they have a long way to descend before they can start thinking there our equal.

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