Do Blu ray players output 720P as well?


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Hi all, Just wondered if all the Blu ray players are outputting 720p also?
Whenever I go onto the blu ray players specs on websites it's always boasting 1080p but do all of them still output 720P?
1 last thing that I am confused about I own 1366 X 768 set like most people, however alot of you are still setting your players to 1080i...why is this? Would it not be better setting it to 720P as that is closest to the res of your screen...I am not critisising, I am just so new to this and so confused! Hope you can clear this up for me! I was shocked to hear just today, that the PS3 blu ray will not output 720P for films!!! I find that odd...isn't it???? LOL!
Thanks guys,
Stuart :)


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The basic principle to work to is to let the picture be scaled just once. The film is stored at 1920 x 1080 on disc, so if sent at either 1080i or 1080p from player to screen, the player doesn't have to scale the picture. Your TV will then scale the image to it's native 1366 x 768 screen size.

If you get the player to output 720p, it first scales the picture to 1280 x 720 and sends it to your screen. Your screen then has to upscale that to 1366 x 768 by making information up as the extra info was thrown away by the player before it got to the screen. In the previous scenario the screen had all the information to perform the scaling with.

The are occasions however where 720p may look better. This is because some TV's are not very good at turning a 1080i image into a progressive one through de-interlacing. Some TV's simply throw half of the information away leaving you with only 540 lines. If your TV does this, but your player doesn't, then sending 720p may produce a better image as the player does the de-interlacing and sends 720 lines of information to the TV. The TV then has to upscale but will keep all 720 lines of picture information.

Basically, trust your eyes. Try both 720p and 1080i. If your TV does things properly then 1080i should look better, if not 720p will. This is why people's results vary.

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