Do any of you use tactile transducers? (bass shakers)


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I’ve got 2 x Arendal Sub 3s. Does that count? :D


I’ve got 2 x Arendal Sub 3s. Does that count? :D
I can answer this now because i installed the transducers. No it does not count! We have 4x15" subs in our theater room and no amount of subs will do what a bass shaker can. They are amazing. Best upgrade i have done thus far. Get them!


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What transducer did you get and where did you install it?
I've returned from a holiday in the US and picked up a Buttkicke LFE, but haven't had time to install it yet.
I wonder how big a jump it will be in tactile effects?!?


It will be a huge jump in tactile effects. No amount of subwoofers would be capable of producing what these tactile transducers do. I bought some inexpensive Aurora tactile transducers from Amazon as they are highly rated. I installed them directly onto the wood frame of my Theater seating, one behind each seat. I did this internally so they are completely invisible and concealed within the seating. I am extremely impressed and consider it to be the best upgrade I've done yet. It doesn't feel like something vibrating in your seat, it really does feel like it's coming from the speakers. Really cool sensation during explosions, gun shots and things like that.

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