Do any LCD TV's come close to OLED black levels?


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Or is OLED just in its own league? I've heard anecdotes of the X90j black levels coming close to the LG OLED's, obviously not pitch black but difficult to tell to the point where the movie letter box borders blend in with the black plastic on the TV itself. I'm most bothered about gaming performance and lifespan, I want at least 6 years out of whatever TV I get. I've also heard 30fps games don't look as good on OLED because each frame is essentially made from scratch by the individual pixels, whereas LCD just as a characteristic of the technology, 30fps has more of a blur effect between frames making it smoother to play.


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That bit about 30fps is nonsense. You want the instant response times of oled for gaming.

Black levels: Side by side, the Oled is streets ahead. Though the black levels on modern high-end LCDs are certainly acceptable.

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I had a high-end LCD for years, a Sony, it was a great TV.

I now have a Sony OLED, it's much better, blacks and contrast is unbeatable compared to LCD.

However, OLED isn't the right choice for everyone in all circumstances.

I would say the LCD you're looking at shouldn't be the X90J for comparison with OLED. It doesn't have the brightness you really want with an LCD TV. You'd really be looking at the X95J in a Sony.

Nits don't matter so much with OLED as you have far deeper blacks, giving better contrast, contrast is better than brightness, at least in a room you can control bright light on the screen. My LCD TV was technically far brighter than my OLED, yet I could count on one hand the number of times I've thought that the picture would look brighter for a couple of seconds compared to being amazed by the contrast, black levels, per pixel colour mapping etc of OLED.


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OLED for me , and the viewing angle is the most important in my case. LCD PQ drops off significantly if not viewed dead center , and some of them are truly awful.

The wife always says she couldnt care less about such things , but would kick me out of the dead center viewing spot in a heartbeat because the "picture looks funny from where she was"


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Hisense released a dual layer LCD U9DG that has one of the best black levels from an LCD however it has average brightness and a slow response time (some ghosting in fast moving objects).

Seems like the USA model U9DG is only available in NA and rest of the world has a Hisense 65SX model that is dual layer LCD but seems hard to find and different from NA model supposedly.

Given that its even less bright then OLED its not really a viable option if you care about high brightness levels, the mini-LED TV's from Samsung or others may be of interest to you.

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