Do Any Freeview Boxes Have Analogue Tuners ??


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Noob question - sorry. Tried searching but not really getting straight answers!

Thinking about moving to Freeview having just purchased a new TV for the bedroom with built in Freeview tuner.

The TV has both an Analogue and a Digital tuner (it says) which is fine. Is this the same for all set top boxes or do they only have Digital tuners. Or do some have both?

I will still need an analogue tuner post switchover because of the distribution of Sky through the house over an RF distribution box in the loft - I don;t want to lose this post switchover so presume I still need an Analogue Tuner.

Or do I just get a diplexer for each TV I have and feed one signal to the Freeview box and then to the TV by Scart and the other signal into the TV aerial in direct. I guess that will work but would be neater to be able to watch everything through the Freeview box via Scart switching between analogue and digital as needs be.

Also final (unrelated) question - my current aerial is in the loft and I get amazing analogue reception even though 30 miles from Sandy Heath transmitter. Will I have to put a digital aerial outside or will it work fine in the loft?

Sorry for such dumb questions. Any help appreciated.



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Freeview boxes don't have analogue tuners, so you will need a method of getting your analogue signal into the TV (or, into something else with an analogue tuner - VCR or DVDR for example).

You may well need a new aerial; Sandy Heath requires a Wideband aerial for good Freeview reception. It's unlikely, but not impossible, that you already have one - so it's probably best to try it out first before spending money on a new one.

Bear in mind - bad signal on Freeview never equates to graininess, ghosting, or other artefacts you might be used to with a less than perfect analogue signal. Bad signal means freezing and blocking and loud audio glitches and/or no reception on clusters of programmes.


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OK Thanks.

So I guess it is buy integrated TV's with both tuners, diplex the output for each socket into the box and the TV, or upgrade to Cat5 distribution :)

Appreciate your help. Suspect there will be a lot of originally costly Sky distribution systems that will stop working when everybody finally goes digital!

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